Michael Watchmaker

UX/Product Designer

Location: San Francisco, CA

Focus: UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Product Design, User Research

Mission: I am a designer who sympathizes with users and crafts impactful digital experiences.

When I was young, I loved to create. In fact, some of my earliest memories revolve around building things with Legos and more importantly designing the coolest jerseys in sports video games. I felt this need of making things look "cool". Naturally, I was that kid that wanted (and wore) some of the brightest/unique cleats when I played soccer. It wasn't until I arrived for my freshman year at Miami University when I realized that I wanted to keep creating.

I slowly transitioned from designing basic posters and figuring out layouts that appeal viewers, to becoming fascinated with interfaces. When I would have a problem while finding something online or in an app I realized that maybe there was I way I could make it better so others didn't have to suffer like I did. That's when I came across UX design.

A few years later, I have not only learned about a variety of design tools but also how I best function as a designer. Here are some insights of what I've learned about myself as a designer and how I work best:

  • 1. I realize my design choices aren't always going to be right the first time.
  • 2. My best work comes from hyped spotify playlists and redbull.
  • 3. I thrive on seeing people have successful interactions with my creations.
  • 4. I learn best through collaborating, and iterating on designs with others.

If you would like to know more, please take a look at my resume. Additionally, I would be happy to discuss any opportunities by email.