Time: Summer 2018

Role: UX/UI Designer

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud Sharing

Skills: Prototyping, Wireframes, Logo Design


This summer, I had the pleasure of being a UI/UX Intern at Quantum Growth Works. Due to my NDA, I’m unable to discuss specifics of the application I designed for them, but would love to chat about my experience!

About the Role

When I was first introduced to Kudiro, I was a little overwhelmed with some of the financial terminology and exactly the service the app would provide. In my first week, I needed to get a solid grasp of the apps “what”, and “why”. I accomplished this by doing my own research, downloading and using other financial apps to get a sense of common trends in the industry, and finally asking questions. This helped me take information from a surface level, and apply how design in the app could help improve the overall experience of the user.

Being on my own for the majority of the project also brought about some obstacles. I had no other dedicated designers checking in on my work, so self-accountability was huge for me. I used my notes to write down hard deadlines from my boss, and checked them off as I went. If something needed to be revisited the following week, I would update the to-do list and begin to edit.

The last skill I was really able to develop was communication. I had a good sense of how I contributed to the app, and how to collaborate from a distance by the end of the internship. By setting up calls on a weekly basis, I was able to not only give my thoughts and explanations of the work done over the past seven days, but also hear some feedback from my boss. This feedback was what really helped me grow over the few months I had at the company.

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